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March 16, 2007

To whom it may concern,

On behalf of the Elko County Extension staff, 4-H Sale Committee, 4-H leaders, parents and members,
it is with great pleasure that I write this unsolicited testimonial letter for Dalton Auctioneering Services.

Relative to Jay's ability as an auctioneer I offer the following.  Jay has cried the Elko County 4-H
Livestock Auction since 1998.  Our novice 4-H buyers love his services.  I have received several
favorable comments over the years such as, "His voice is clear and I know exactly where the bid is and
who has the current bid," or, "I can actually understand him, make sure and have him back."

The seasoned buyers like his services as well with the comment, "Jay can auction with the best,"
coming from a 4-H buyer who also buys fifty to sixty bulls per year at many major western livestock

As a sales manager I can personally tell you that Jay is a pleasure to work with.  Communications on
pre- and post-auction affairs are excellent.  Jay keeps the auction moving, building enthusiasm during
the entire auction.  Jay has excellent people and communication skills that are paramount to a
successful auction and come out during the auction process.

Relative to Jay Dalton's character and work ethics I offer the following.  I have known Jay his entire life.  
He is from a hard-working family whose parents and great grandparents instilled in him the importance
of hard work and a strong work ethic at an early age.  He is very knowledgeable and educated, holding
advanced degrees in agriculture.  Jay has a desire to apply and practice that knowledge with
employment on the family ranch in Clover Valley, Nevada.  Jay is capable of accomplishing any task
placed before him, big or small.  He is very energetic and is a pleasure to be associated with.

For the above reasons it is with great pleasure that I write this unsolicited testimonial letter.  Should you
have any questions or wish additional information do not hesitate to contact me at 775-738-1721 or


Ron Torell
UNCE Livestock Specialist